An Eternal Struggle with the Elements


Elements Hindering the Ride down the Hill

You battle with scorching sun rays, fierce wind waves and stormy snow days, to reach that dream mountain peak, or that dream distance goal on the trail road. Your heart thumps violently, your sweat drips down brows obscuring your vision, and the road lays bare for you to conquer it. Each push pivots you forward as the avid cyclist in you whiz down the hill.

There are all sorts of cyclists out there.

The Mountain Rider Racing with the Wind

The mountain rider’s greatest pleasure lies in finding a good mountain to climb with his mountain bike. The climb can be tiring, breathless and energy consuming, but what you see from the pinnacle is all worth it. Then speeding down the hill, doing tricks on your bike with hands up in the air is a dangerous activity. But it can be also quite entertaining and enjoyable. A’qto Cycling is one of the leading providers when it comes to cycling wear that is guaranteed to protect you from the elements. 

The Speed Riding Professional Rider

The professional cyclist competes in events and want to win awards and medals. Think of all the videos of professional cyclists on television, cycling smoothly through a countryside in France or Italy, or competing in the Summer Olympics in a road, track or BMX speed racing event. They are a set of people dedicated to cycling. The professional cyclist would require a custom cycling jersey and services depending on whether they are competing on individual or group level.

The Dirt Jumping – Off Roader

The off-road rider and the cyclist riding on the beach would require a bicycle with a strong enough grip to lessen the dangers of slippery dirt, mud and sand roads. Dirt jumping is an event that brings adrenaline junkies together. Trails offer the thrill of not knowing where you are headed on a slippery road that requires you to be vigilant throughout the activity. But at the same time it doesn’t mean you should head into a desert, without proper equipment or preparation, because it will bring about the decline of your good health, dehydration, and in severe cases with no help for miles, your untimely death.

Recreational Rider on the Go

Then there is the rider who cycles for pure fun, without the thrill of competition and speed. Retired parents and individuals who have moved to the countryside could be looking to buy a bicycle to cycle around the countryside. The purpose would be to get the daily exercise in, and keep fit and not go seeking for dangerous thrills. Young children would ride for fun. People in the city would think about cycling to work to reduce their carbon footprint while exercising.

It doesn’t matter if you are on a mountain, a beach, a dirt road or a muddy road, or if you are a professional rider or a recreational rider; in order to cycle properly for a long time, you need to take precautions to protect yourself.