Charity Gift Cards

Donating to charities or foundations can often be confusing with so many different donating points and protocols. You’ve probably seen donating programs, and monthly debit systems or maybe you’ve heard about charity gift cards. This article is going to focus on Charity Gift Cards or try sports fundraising Australia and explain to you what these are and how you can use them the next time you want to donate to a charity or fund.

The first type of charity gift card technique is one that many big scale charity organisations employ. This technique works through a website. The organisation website is inbuilt with a database of different ‘gifts’ that donors can choose to give to charities and people in need. These gifts include, fresh water, food, clothing, medication and even vaccines. Users are able to access the organization’s website and choose which gift they would like to give. From there they are sent a gift card and code that they can send to a loved one or friend. Those loved ones or friends can then access the users profile on the website and contribute to the gift. Each person contributes until the gift is paid for. The organization then send the gift to the the chosen charity, friend or village. 

The organisations act like the middle man. It is often very difficult for people to send supplies and provisions to other people in third world countries so the organisations act as the middle men and transfer the money into the supplies and then send those supplies to the people in need. All of the money is used to purchase the expenses that are sent off in a timely matter from the moment the gift is fully funded.

Another technique that charity organisations use also utilise online giving. For this technique the user chooses the amount that they wish to donate, with this stage the user can choose to write a personalised message and they have the option to pick their delivery method by email, print or post. Their personalised message and amount is then sent as a gift card to a person of their choice. That recipient then gets to choose which charity, project or foundation will get the funding. The recipient does this by entering a specific redemption code found on the gift card. They enter this code into the website and can choose from a database of charities, projects and foundations. These projects can include things like soup kitchens, hot meals for the homeless and even animal rescue projects.

In the final step the organisation delivers the funds to the chosen charity or charities. The Charities then receive the funds and are able to use it to do more aid work such as giving supplies to the needy or doing community work in your local community or in the communities of third world countries.