Essential Golf Equipment All Beginners Need To Have

If you are a beginner to the game, you will be likely confused with the sheer amount of equipment that is available both in stores as well as online. There are many varieties of sizes, brands, shapes, colours and also degrees, lofts and balls. But as a novice, it is important to remember that all you need for now is the basic gear to play your first few games. You also need to mindful of the cost involved if you are shopping on a budget. Here are a few tips that will help you pick out your essentials as easily as possible.ClubsThese can be way more expensive than you expect, especially if you have to buy a driver, fairway woods and a bag a la a carte. Therefore look for reputed places that have golf clubs for sale. You do not really need high end gear right now because you are just starting off. Once you really start getting into the game, you can invest in branded irons and the likes. Check out for more information on gold clubs.BallsOnce again be smart and know that you do not need high-end balls to start your first game. The chances of you losing the balls in the first several matches are higher than you not. Bear in mind that even professional players have this issue and that you do not need to look for the best balls with great compression statistics. Instead try to focus on getting yourself a set of balls that will not empty out your wallet and will help you learn the game well. As you begin to develop your skills, you will discover that there are balls which will be available as per your style of playing; for example different spin factors and textures. One more thing that you can invest in along with this is a sureshot GPS which will help you keep track of the distance to specific locations on the course such as hazards. TeesThese will be available in various lengths and therefore, it is best if you can get an idea of the correct height of the tee for you. If you are unsure a seasoned player will be able to help you out. However, bear in mind that if the height is incorrect, you can adjust this difference by pushing the tee into the course a bit further. That said, it may not be the best way to start off with your first game. Therefore try to get an accurate as possible height for your tee. ShoesYou will need to buy a pair of good spikes or shoes which is an absolute must. Your shoes are key in maintain great traction and also the level of comfort during your game. You will begin to understand how important the shoes really are as you begin to get into long games that last for around five hours, especially on an irregular course. Shop smart and get your essentials for your first game!