Great Party Game Ideas – Celebrating your Kids Birthday

Parties are great occasions that individuals host to celebrate various events. For instance these include birthdays, graduations, charity events and many more. All of these events are celebrated in different ways. Moreover, parties that are organized for children are a lot different to adult’s functions. Children could easily get bored at any function that drags for a long time. Therefore, children’s parties are kept in the evening for a few hours. Moreover, in order to keep them entertained, parents host various games. Also these games shouldn’t last more than about 15 minutes. Because, they would get tired and it drains that excitement because kids are all about moving from one to play activity to another.

With that said, if you’re planning your child’s birthday celebration, you might want to consider having including some games to the program. There are tons of games that you could think of or even find online. So, what are the games that could keep the atmosphere jolly, exciting and not to forget happy? Here are some great party game ideas that you could include in the program:

 Dance Freeze

This is a super fun game to play at parties and children could enjoy a lot. Also known as ‘musical freeze or statue’ is a game where the child dances while the music plays. As soon as the music stops he or she must stop and freeze. They could stand in funny poses and the child who moves goes out.

 Three legged race

Another fun outdoor party game is this exciting paired idea. Basically, the children will be grouped with a partner. The right leg of one child and the left leg of the other child will be tied. Afterwards, the children should run towards the winning line and the first pair is given a gift.

 Musical bottoms

Yet another fun idea that you could organize at kids parties in Sydney is musical bottoms or bumps. Here, the children would be dancing to the music and when it stops, should sit on floor or ground. The child who sits last is out of the game and is continued till there’s a winner.

 Passing the parcel

Alternatively, this is a quite common game but you could add a lot of variations. For instance you could pass various items such as a box, soft toy and so on. The gist of the game is, when the music stop whoever has the parcel should perform a small item such as a song, dance, etc. Children love this game, as there’s a lot of anticipation and surprise act they have to perform at the end of the music.

There are many more games that you could organize. You could easily find props at your home, while some games simply needs playing music. Moreover, you could add variations or change the rules to the games that are listed in the article. All these games should be fun, exciting, joyous and enjoying!