The Different Types Of Meditation Exercises That We Can Do


As people know, taking up meditation exercises is a way of staying healthy and is going to make your mind, body and soul experience a much healthier state. While these kind of experiences were first introduced some time back, we can see the current generation has taken an interest in wanting to engage in this activity due to how much it makes our lives better. It manages to cleanse our soul; make our body healthy and keep our mind in a happy place most of the time which is something that we all need in the world today. However, when it comes to these kind of exercises, or this activity in particular, there are many different branches under this huge umbrella. When some people decide to take this activity up, they find it troubling to decide which type of meditation exercise they should do. So here are some of the most common and popular forms of meditation exercises that we can all do. 

Hatha – Hatha yoga is a more gentler form of exercise compared to some other types yet the word ‘hatha” itself means any kind of exercise that is related to physical postures and movements. This is also a much slower form of exercise and most of the time, it is something that anyone including beginners can take part in very easily. It is known as a practice of the body and is recommended by a lot of experts especially for starters of meditation exercises.

Vinyasa – This type of yoga classes Carnegie is a bit faster than the above, as this joins body posture and movement along with breath, almost like a dance in a way. This type of exercise is not slow at all and you would not be focusing on just one pose for a long tie and will be moving along quickly. This exercise is also sure to get your heart beating fast! Some classes that follow this type of meditation exercise usually play music to make it easier for the individuals to go along with the poses and body movements. This is best suited for people who like intense exercises that get their heart beating fast.

Iyengar – This is a bit more complicated than the last two types and it focuses a lot on the small postures and details. A lot of props such as yoga blankets will be used here that will let you work with the exercises rather fluently and safely. Here too each posture is done or held on to for much longer like in hatha. Most of the time, this is best suited for experts.