Things To Do In Italia

Famed for their art, history and scenery, it is no wonder that Italy ranks as the 5th in the list of most visited countries. The multiple attractions such as the Colosseum, Pantheon and not forgetting Venice and its unique canals, draw an estimated forty eight million tourists every year to the country. This figure is estimated to increase with every passing year, and tourism is already the most commercially successful industry while it is also known to be the most swiftly growing industry. The beauty of Italy is that it caters to the taste and appeal of every individual.

For those interested in the world of arts and history, the city of Florence is the place to be at. Commonly referred to as the city of Renaissance; it is world famous for its impressive architecture and the influence that the city had on the modern world. Home too many of the greatest minds and artists in history, from Dante to Leonardo Da Vinci, the city is bustling with art and marvel in every corner, most significantly it is also where the Statue David is kept at. For those looking for something unorthodox and adventurous, there are also plenty of cycling tours in Italy that one can indulge in to try themselves.

The giro d’italia is a yearly bicycle race that is based in Italy and sometimes passes through neighboring country. One of the oldest cycling competitions in the world, the Giro d’Italia 2017 is the hundredth time that the event has been going on. If you are seeking the sunny side of life, Italy also has plenty of pristine beaches to throw a towel and relax. Puglia is the place to be if you have the urge to be in sandy beaches and clear unpolluted waters. There are also many neighboring towns that are famed for their wines.

Pompeii is a must go to for those touching down in Italy. It houses many Roman ruins and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Italy is home to five World Heritage Sites; the most any country possesses. Another World Heritage Site; Ferrera is a city situated towards the north of Italy and is famous due to the fact that is hosts multiple palaces from the fourteenth and the fifteenth century. To this date, the town is enclosed by age old walls that stretch for almost nine kilometers. There is also a gigantic castle in the heart of the town; the Castello Estense is a brick castle that is enclosed by a moat and is complete with bastions.