Who is Responsible For Animal Cruelty?


Almost every human in the world will tell you how much against animal cruelty they are and will make it a point to shout to the world about how good they are. These same people however continue to visit zoos, visit and therefore pay money to SeaWorld and continue to eat meat and dairy, industries that torture and kill fifty six billion land animals each year. Everyone blames another for animal cruelty and will often lose their minds at the thought of a dog being harmed and yet will not think twice about the pork chop on their plate. The Yulin dog meat festival each year garners much protest and hatred from people around the world and yet, they do not think twice about the animals slaughtered in their own country because for them, society deems the killing of pigs “normal and natural”.

However, what one needs to realize is that in Yulin, it is normal and natural to kill a dog and therefore, we must ask ourselves who is a worse person, the one that eat a pig and a chicken but protects a dog or the one that eats a dog and protects a pig and a chicken? If we were to logically unlearn everything that we have ever been told by society we will realize that both these people are the same and one is no better than the other.

Supply and demand

The ultimate question is whether SeaWorld is to blame for the animals it tortures each year or the people that pay money to SeaWorld and visit it are to blame. The logical facts are that if the demand for SeaWorld disappears by people not supporting it, SeaWorld will have no business left. Similarly, is the butcher to blame for the fifty six billion animals that die or are we as a society that buys that meat and therefore supports the industry to blame? In the same way many of these people who claim to be so against animal cruelty continue to not only visit the cruel horse races but buy horse racing shares each year during the races.

The truth is, while the trainers and the organizers of the horse races are partly to blame for the cruel horse races, it is the people who create the demand for them by buying racehorse shares for sale and visiting these races each year.

By the law of supply and demand, if all the people that are against animal cruelty stop buying and consuming meat, stop attending the races and stop visiting the zoos that abuse animals, they will have the power to stop these industries completely.